Seven Realms Trainingtm helping you prevent pain and promote health and well-being

Seven Realms Training helps you self-manage pain conditions by reducing risk factors that cause pain and enhancing protective factors that can prevent pain in all realms of your life including your Body, Lifestyle, Emotions, Spirit, Social Life, Mind, and Environment.

Seven Realms Training is an 8 week on-line training program with an hour of training each week to learn how to relieve and prevent all types of pain conditions by reducing the causes.

93% of participants in the course on preventing chronic pain stated that it changed their lives.

Seven Realms Training offers training that has been found to be effective in pain clinics and clinical trials.

For Preventing Pain & Promoting Health

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The Problem: Chronic Pain and Addiction

Chronic pain conditions such as head, neck, jaw, and back pain are a significant cause of suffering, disability, addiction, and healthcare in the world. Treatment for pain conditions often Involves Endless Medications, Addicting opioids, Surgeries, Injections, Implants, or others that make it the highest cost condition in health care. The burden upon individuals in terms of ongoing pain and suffering is incalculable.

The Solution: Training with Treatment

By training people to reduce their individual risk factors that cause the pain condition and strengthen protective factors that prevent pain, they can best relieve and prevent chronic pain and addiction long-term.


The Science Of 7 Realms

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How the 7 Realms Training Works...


Essential life lessons that tilt the balance from illness to health by reducing your risk factors and promoting your protective factors in each of the seven realms of your life-Body, Lifestyle, Emotions, Spirit, Society, Mind, and Environment...BLESS ME

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Factors involved a Pain Cycle



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Chronic pain cycles

Pain cycles can involve all realms of your life to either cause chronic pain or prevent and relieve it. These cycles are not static and independent but rather are dynamic, evolving, and interrelated processes of your life that can shift the balance between health and illness. Each realm impacts another leading to either perpetuation or resolution of pain depending on its risk (causative) or protective (preventive) nature.