Course Overview

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Course Overview

The online course involves an 8-week evidence-based training program to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors in every realm of life for reducing and preventing pain. It is personalized and self-paced so that participants can take as long as needed to focus on long-term change and specific realms as needed. Outcomes, compliance, and change are documented each week. The specific lessons include:



Welcome summary of program & its concepts including Comprehensive Assessments, Pain Cycles, Case Illustrations, & Experiential Learning that includes healthy habits, daily pauses, and calming practice for healing.

Week 1

Understanding Pain

Introduction, Assessment, Pain Conditions, Treatments, Causes, Self-Management Tools, and Experiential Learning.

Week 2

Body Tools

Introduction to your body, Stretch & Strengthen, Reducing Strain, Posture and Relaxation, Fitness for Relief.

Week 3

Lifestyle Tools

Introduction to your lifestyle, Active Lifestyle, Pain-free Diet, Restful Sleep, and Healthy Substance Use.

Week 4

Mind Tools

Introduction to your mind, Resilience & Coping, Everyday Optimism, Self-Efficiency, and Realistic Expectation.

Week 5

Spirit Tools

Introduction to your spirit, Healing Power of Purpose, Self-Compassion, Finding Hope, and Grit & Determination.

Week 6

Emotion Tools

Introduction to your emotions, Lifting Depression, Calming Anxiety & Fear, Resolving Anger & Frustration, and Overcoming Guilt & Shame.

Week 7

Social Tools

Introduction to your social life, Social Support, Love & Belonging, Work Well-being, and Releasing Social Stress.

Week 8

Environment Tools

Introduction to your environment, Safe Living, Decluttering Life, Clean & Healthy, and Living Pollution Free.


Going Forward

Maintenance of Change, Rewards for Bonus Points, Awarding of Certificate, and Additional Resources.