Health Coaching to Support Your Success


About Health Coaching

  In the PACT program, health coaching is designed to a relationship-centered, client-driven process designed to facilitate and support clients in making changes and achieve their goals inpreventing chronic pain and addiction while promoting theirhealth and well-being.


Goals of the Health Coach

In the PACT program, the health coach will help you

Set goals and provide you with support inachieving them

Review interest, readiness for change, understanding, barriers, and action plans

Facilitate change using a safe, consistent, non-judgmental,and supportive approach

Empower your own choicesto engage in self-care with your intrinsic self-motivation and energy

Engaging responsibly to inspire and support you to functionindependently and successfully

Engagingyour internal strengths and external resources to achieve sustainable changes in your thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle choices


Qualification of Health Coaches

  The PACT program uses a health coaching model to support our participants’ success. Integrative Health coaching is an emerging method of partnering with patients to achieve their overall goals and is practiced from a holistic perspective that views each person as intrinsically whole and the ultimate expert in his or her healing journey. Health coaching is being offered in a wide range of venues including hospitals, clinics, community health and fitness facilities, corporations, educational institutions, and private practices. Health coaches have a degree and health profession and then additional training in health coaching within one of the many training program. The PACT program follows the standards of the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC) to encourage health coaches become certified