Resources for Employers

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Pain Prevention Awareness Campaign

Whether it is back pain, neck pain, headache, facial pain, or others, the personal impact of chronic pain in terms of suffering, loss of function, disability, depression, addiction, and other consequences is incalculable. We work with employers to help all employees prevent pain.

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Return on Investment

Results from studies show that the return on investment in a company’s most important asset, the employees, will result in about a 6 to 1 return. In addition, employees with the highest number of preventable risk factors for chronic pain, cost 8 times more than low risk employees.

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Personalized Training for all employees

Our evidence-based personalized training programs allows us to deliver tailored advice – including indepth training for those with pain or brief pain prevention tips for busy professionals.

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Outcomes Report on impact

Our validated measures allow you to track your workforce’s engagement, health, and well-being